Scotty Cameron Studio Select Blade Putters Reviews

cameron studio select blade putterThe Studio Select Blade Putter Delivers Beautiful Music on the Greens

The Scotty Cameron Studio Select is a high-quality variation on his Newport blade putter theme. This rendition hits all the right notes, and will produce beautiful music on the green. The prelude will be a crisp “plink” off the steel face, and will crescendo with a resounding “plunk” in the hole…accentuated with a fist pump from the maestro holding this baton!

The Studio Select begins the symphony for success on the greens with excellent design from one of the best. Cameron used precision-milled 303 grade stainless steel to craft a putter that provides the player with solid, straight-forward feedback, leading to greater control of direction and distance, which is the formula for lower your score. The customizable weighting system creates wonderful balance, an oversize sweet spot, and the right mass to produce a consistency of motion putt after accurate putt. The high toe profile reduces the habit of raising the toe at address, and the round bottom eliminates club drag, which can spell disaster on the greens.

Who Should Use the Studio Select Blade Putters?

PGA’ers Ben Curtis and Adam Scott use their Studio Selects to make beautiful music for audiences on their Tour of the land’s toughest greens. But the club is designed to be simple and effective, and is therefore suitable for players of all ages and abilities. This is a great stick to use to master the basics of putting, from alignment to pace to distance control. Hit the practice green and develop a familiarity with the club that will have you adding a high notes and low scores to your golf game in no time.

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