Yes Abbie C-Groove Putter Review

yes abbie c-groove putter review

Romancing the Greens

The designers at Yes! golf keep trying to lure golfers away from the putters they’ve been dating for too long. You don’t like the old model, your putting isn’t burning up the links, and you’ve thought of tossing that thing in the pond for years.

Go ahead and do it! Every new model Yes sends out on to the green carpet is a hottie, with stunning good looks and performance to match. You’ll look great with this new gal on your arm, and your putts per round will see a noticeable decline. The Abbie putter enhances Yes’s reputation for sure.
She’s put together like a well-crafted supermodel, starting with a traditional blade computer milled from solid and responsive 1045 carbon steel. This head gives the putter exquisite balance that is none too heavy, but solid enough to help produce a balanced stroke that stays on line through contact.

What is go great about the Yes Abbie C-Groove Putter?

This forged beauty has a c-groove face made of softer steel, just like some supermodels! That wasn’t nice. However, this Abbie will deliver great roll as the grooves grip the ball and produce good top spin so it won’t hop, skip or jump off the face.

The Yes Abbie is a good choice for intermediate golfers – average joe’s – who want to improve their putting with good technology and plenty of practice. Used clubs are available for $65 to $75, while new Abbie’s fetch $209 to $299.

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